Is the UAE Implementing a New Ban on Pakistani Work Visa Applications?

Is the UAE Implementing a New Ban on Pakistani Work Visa Applications?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has addressed concerns about alleged restrictions on work visas for Pakistani nationals, firmly denying the rumors that had caused anxiety among Pakistani job seekers.

Recent social media reports suggested that the UAE had imposed a ban on issuing visas to single Pakistani men under the age of 42. These claims quickly spread, leading to widespread speculation and concern within the Pakistani community.

However, the UAE’s Consulate General in Karachi, Bakheet Obaid Al-Roumi, has officially debunked these rumors. In a video statement, Al-Roumi called the reports fabricated and reassured that no such visa restrictions exist. “There is no visa ban for Pakistanis, and the UAE consulate’s visa section remains fully operational,” he stated.

The consulate's announcement aimed to calm the unease caused by the false claims circulating online. The UAE official emphasized that Pakistanis are welcome to apply for work visas and that no age restriction has been imposed on entry into the Emirates.

The social media buzz originated from claims that the UAE had stopped issuing visas to single Pakistani men under 42 years of age. However, a thorough investigation revealed these claims to be baseless. Dubai has not implemented any visa restrictions targeting Pakistani nationals based on age or marital status.

This is not the first instance of misinformation causing a stir among the expatriate community. Last year, similar unfounded rumors suggested that the UAE had ceased issuing visit visas to residents of certain Pakistani cities, which were also proven to be incorrect.

The Pakistani diaspora is one of the most significant expatriate communities in the UAE, contributing immensely to the Gulf nation's workforce and economy. Pakistani expatriates are employed across various sectors, including construction, healthcare, finance, and hospitality, highlighting their crucial role in the country's development.

The UAE continues to offer employment opportunities to many Pakistanis seeking better prospects and income. The consulate's clarification aims to reinforce the message that the UAE remains open and welcoming to Pakistani workers, ensuring that their contributions to the economy are valued and appreciated.