Art of Pakistani carpets shines brightly at an exhibition in Tehran

As regional countries took part in the exhibition, scholars highlighted the cultural significance of carpets

Art of Pakistani carpets shines brightly at an exhibition in Tehran
Islamabad: In Tehran, the Economic Cooperation Organisation (ECO) hosted a vibrant regional exhibition featuring the exquisite carpet arts of its member states, prominently displaying intricate designs from Pakistan. The event, which also inaugurated a parallel workshop on the restoration of antique carpets, attracted significant attention and participation.
Saad S Khan, President of the Economic Cultural Institute (ECI) Tehran, highlighted the profound cultural significance of carpets, noting their historical importance as a common art form shared across regional boundaries. Scholars and professors present at the ceremony underscored the deep-rooted heritage of carpet designs, spanning countries such as Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. Khan further mentioned that Turkmenistan annually celebrates Carpet Day as a national holiday, emphasizing the enduring cultural value of this art.
During the exhibition, experts elaborated on various aspects of carpets beyond their aesthetic appeal, discussing their integral role in traditional hospitality practices and as a livelihood for communities engaged in carpet weaving. They also provided insights into sophisticated techniques used to restore century-old carpets, ensuring their preservation and enhancing their longevity.
The ECI Art Gallery hosted a diverse array of handcrafted carpets from across the region, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and cultural diversity embodied in each piece. Artisans engaged visitors with live demonstrations of carpet restoration, showcasing the skill and dedication required to revive these ancient artworks to their former glory.
With thousands of visitors expected from ECO countries, the ongoing exhibition serves as a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation, celebrating the rich tapestry of carpet arts that unite diverse nations under the ECO umbrella.