First batch of 30 electric buses set to arrive in Islamabad

First batch of 30 electric buses set to arrive in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: With the arrival of the first batch of 30 of the 150 buses from China, electric buses are expected to be cruising the streets of the country’s capital by the end of next month.

After three weeks, the first batch will arrive in Karachi, and the buses will arrive in the capital in May.

Since the Convention Center has a bus charging station, the Capital Development Authority (CDA), together with its contractor, the National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC), will temporarily launch the bus service from there once the buses arrive.

In the meantime, a proper depot will be set up at Zero Point.

The second batch of 70 buses was likely to be dispatched after two weeks and the final batch of 50 buses was due to be sent from China on May 5.

Thirteen new routes will be served by all 150 buses. The first thirty buses, according to sources, will run on two routes that CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq will determine in the coming days.

Aabpara to Tramri Chowk, Nilor to Khanna Pul, Pirwadhai Chowk to Faizabad, B-17 to 26 Number Chungi, and I-16 to 26 Number are among the 13 routes. These include Police Foundation/Orange Line Station to Red Line Faiz Ahmed Faiz Station in I-8; Allama Iqbal Station to Red Line Potohar Station; Pims to Secretariat; D-12 to G-10; F-11 to Red Line F-8 Station; G-11 to Pims; and G-11 to Pims.

According to sources, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif was scheduled to launch the bus service.