Around 4000 barrels of crude oil stolen from pipeline

Around 4000 barrels of crude oil stolen from pipeline

RAWALPINDI: A case of theft of crude oil from the main pipeline of Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL) has come to light as 3,904 barrels of crude oil were stolen in the Dhamial area.

Shahid Ahmad, an associate of Pakistan Oilfields Limited, stated in a police report that he and patrolling officer Haris bin Fida saw suspicious activity on Saturday morning while on duty. The plot was near the oil pipeline in Dhoke Noor Dhamial.

He reported that while arriving at the plot, they saw some crude oil seeping immediately. Subsequently, they excavated the property up to a depth of five feet, where they discovered a puncture in the company’s 10-inch-diameter main line, along with an extra pipe clamped to it in case of crude oil theft.

Mr Ahmed further said that the plot owner and another person had stolen the company’s crude oil by connecting a pipe to the main pipeline.

He also said that 3,904 barrels of crude were taken from the main pipeline. Although they have filed a case in accordance with the applicable legal provisions, the Saddar Bairooni police have not yet made any arrests.

A senior official at Pakistan Oilfields Company (POL) reported a similar incident to police in December last year. Saddar Bairooni stated that he has been working as senior executive admin for the company while POL Pakistan supplied crude oil to Attock Oil Refinery Morgah via a pipeline.

Following a fire at Dhamial’s main oil supply line in Dhamial, the owner of the house and four of its tenants were booked by police on charges of theft of crude oil, dishonesty and other relevant sections of the law. A manhunt was launched by the police to arrest the suspects.