FBR all set to block SIM cards of 500000 non-filers

FBR all set to block SIM cards of 500000 non-filers

The 500,000 individuals whose sims have not been filed for taxes will have their accounts blocked by the Federal Board of Revenue.

According to a recently published news report, FBR is planning to issue a general tax order after Eid-ul-Fitr announcing the blockage of sims for people who are liable to pay tax but have not filed returns. The sims will be blocked by the end of April.

Following discussions with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, FBR has already finalized a list of around 500,000 individuals.

According to reports, the revenue collector has much bigger intentions, but it also intends to demonstrate its seriousness about pursuing tax compliance by disabling sims initially.

Up to 2 million SIM cards were planned to be blocked by FBR, but telecom providers opposed the proposal, claiming it would be difficult to carry out such a large-scale operation.

The people who were likely to be affected by the measure had been served notices after they failed to file tax returns, but they did not budge.

FBR has powers to not only block sims but also disconnect gas and electricity connections.