Beyond Headlines: Pakistan and India's Election Truths

Beyond Headlines: Pakistan and India's Election Truths
The recent Indian election results highlight the flaws in both mainstream and social media. In Pakistan, mainstream news tends to focus on big cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, often overlooking critical issues affecting rural areas. This bias has led to comparisons with India's "Godi media," which promotes the government's narrative without question.
Social media in Pakistan mirrors these biases, with populist leaders garnering the most attention. However, this focus on trending topics and sensationalism ignores the struggles of the everyday people, who are more concerned about their basic needs than flashy headlines.
Despite the illusion created by media coverage, the voices of the marginalized remain unheard. While we obsess over political dramas, millions in Pakistan worry about where their next meal will come from. Elections, seen as the only opportunity for these voices to be heard, are often marred by biases and systemic issues.
In both India and Pakistan, analysts failed to predict the outcome of elections, showing the resilience of opposition forces. However, Pakistan's electoral system heavily favors certain regions, leaving others neglected by major parties like PML-N and PTI.
It's essential to recognize that Pakistan is not a monolith; its diversity requires a multi-party system that represents various interests and concerns. Labeling those with differing opinions as unpatriotic or ignorant only deepens societal divisions.
Ultimately, the marginalized people of Pakistan deserve better representation and recognition of their issues. India's election results serve as a reminder of the importance of these voices in shaping the country's future. Perhaps one day, Pakistan can learn from India's democracy and ensure that every citizen's vote is respected, regardless of the outcome. Only then can we celebrate the true essence of democracy, without resorting to violence or threats when results don't go our way.